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Thank you for visiting our page...

   We are a small cattery located in the beautiful North Georgia mountains (near Helen) who believe in quality over quantity.  We are conveniently located close to Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Florida.  




   For people who live more than 5 hours away we are willing to drive up to three hours round trip to deliver a kitten or cat so that the sale would be face to face.  Further drives will be considered for a small fee.

   Our goal is to develop wild looking Bengal cats that are full of energy and affection.  At the same time we want to insure that our cats emulate the desired traits as found in the breed standard.  All of our cats and kittens are SBT (F4) and above, making them legal to be owned in all 50 states. 

   At Angelicbengals we do not cage our cats, they have full range of the house and constant interaction with the family.  Our little "pocket leopards" are guaranteed to be pure bred healthy Bengal cats that come from champion blood lines.

     Our Bengal's have been featured in "Palo de Gato",

a Portuguese version of "Cat Fancy".  For more

information about the Bengal, or to see if a Bengal

is for you, please watch the short video from Animal

Planet's "Cat's 101" located on our cattery page.

     The following is a quick reference guide for those

who want to buy a Bengal.  All recognized breeds

of cats have a standard that is specific to that one

breed.  There are a lot of breeders who do not focus

on producing quality kittens and cats, their focus is more on mass breeding

and fast talking to inexperienced buyers.  There is much more to a Bengal than pretty spots.  Please use this reference to insure that you are getting a quality Bengal.































The most common deficiencies breeders ignore and pass off as normal to unknowing buyers are "bunny ears" and "rat tails".  Ears should be small and almost rounded while the tail should be short and thick.  Bengals should also be a larger cat, with males weighing in excess of 20 pounds.  It is very common for us to send kittens home weighing 6-7 pounds.

     In addition to our Bengals we also work with the local animal shelters by fostering rescue pets and by donating a percent of all our sales to the local no kill shelter.  Please take some time to look at our sweet adoptable rescue pets.  Their pictures can be found at the bottom of our kitten page.









                              If you have any questions please contact us.

                                                               phone: Mike (404) 272-3526
                                                                      Joanna (706) 200-2530
                                                               or follow Angelicbengals on
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