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Please watch this short video on the BENGAL  cat.

  At Angelicbengals we recognize that Bengals have a wild blood line and like to be active.  That is what motivated us to design our cattery in a way that would provide our cats with plenty of exercise room.  Our cats are only in "kennels" when they are in the car.

Our Cattery.

     Our cattery is made up of four special areas for our Bengals, They are;

Outside Play Area

     The outside play area is a three hundred square foot covered enclosure which is complete with everything that an energetic Bengal would need to entertain itself.  We decorated the enclosure with "cat safe" plants, one hundred feet of walkways, scratching posts, two enclosed "kitty condos", multiple elevated beds and plenty of toys.  In the summer we put a kiddy pool out there so they can have fun playing iin the water.  We also have an area where we can sit and spend time enjoying nature.

                     Cat Walk                                      Sitting Area

Stud Room

    The "stud" room is a four hundred square foot room in the basement that provides direct access to the outside play area.  This is where we have our breeding pens.  There are two pens that are eight feet by ten feet and are equipped with a litter box, water fountain, cat walks, toys and multiple condos.  We also have a sitting are where we can watch television with our boys.

              Sitting Area                               Breeding Pen

Sun Room

  The sun room is where the girls get to hang out, this room has a lot of nice sunny places to lay in.  Once again it is equiped with condos, toys and a sitting area where we can spend time playing with our girls.  This room also has access to the outside play area. 


  The kitten room is off of our living room, it gives us the ability to keep an eye on the mom and kittens during their early days.  This room has everything that young kittens need to learn to be playful Bengals.  We have this room equiped with a "kitten" cam so people can see their babies whenever they desire.  Having the kittens close to us allows for much needed socialization and interaction with people and other cats.


 Working on website                                                           Kitten Cam  &  Cam Image


  We believe in giving our kittens / cats as much attention as possible.  We allow them access to the house, they get to sit on the front porch with us, and those that want get to sleep in the bed with us.  They will have no problem making themselves comfortable in our house or their new "forever" home.

Another Angelicbengal kitten is happy, she is going to her forever home.

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