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"Love it when little Mikah turns into a little gremlin.  He jumps
from the floor to my shoulder.  Never had a cat who did that.
He is so precious and fun.  He is 11 pounds now, very lean and
                         - Susan H

"I just wanted to let you guys know that my kitten is doing great. He has fit in with my schedule perfectly. Some nights I feel bad if I get home late but his favorite thing to do is get in bed. He is very well behaved, I've never had a kitten that doesn't scratch or play bite so that's good. He likes everyone that comes over even though some people are scared of him, they say he doesn't look like a normal cat lol The only issue I've had lately is getting him to use the new cat genie litter box I bought. He went in it the day I put it together but when I took his old box away he pooped downstairs twice. So now I have a regular litter box sitting next to the new one. Hopefully he'll figure it out soon. He's been walking

around crying a little bit more and trying to go outside when

I go near the door so I'll be getting him neutered next week.

The vet told me to try to wait until 10 months, something

about it let's them mature better. But I don't want him to

start staying or try to get out. Thank you breeding such a

great kitten. Here's a couple pics of him:"



"Hi and Happy Holidays! We named him Murray, and he is a wonderful addition to our little family. He was neutered earlier this week and is recovering well. He is such a sweet little guy and I can't imagine not having him here! He loves "swimming" in the bath tub and climbing on his cat tree. He snuggles with me on the couch and sleeps in the bed with me every night. We love him very much! He is very smart and we have been teaching him some agility using a training clicker and treats."


"Sorry for the delay getting back with you. We have finally gotten the house ready for Christmas having celebrated our oldest's birthday this past Thursday. It was a rather hectic weekend! Kaia is quite fascinated by our Christmas tree as well as the boxes under it - I often find her on top of a box under the tree!! She is the official Christmas Cat! Despite trying very hard to help, wrapping gifts is not her best skill - she does enjoy helping though!Everyone simply adores Kaia and she has made herself quite at home! She seems to be adjusting to our voices and the rhythms of the household. The alarm clock, however, is not her favorite and she gets very verbal the minute she hears the sound. Hitting snooze is no longer an option but... That's probably good! We have noticed that she gets frightened by people sneezing but that initial skittishness is mostly gone. I think, sincerely hope, she is happy here! We all love having her around. Thank you again. It is very obvious that she was loved and well cared for and we are doing our best to continue that. We all play fetch with her and Andre has decided to create a "cat walk" in one room, similar to the one you built downstairs. Thank you for forwarding all of the photos. They are wonderful and it was sweet to see her with the kittens! I will try to get some photos to forward to you but Kaia seems to dislike the flash on the camera and I have too many pics of the side of her head or her tail to show for my efforts. We hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas! Ours is already quite special!All my best,"


"Thank you so much for my sweet boy! He is doing great, and everyone adores him! I can tell that you all take really good care of your cats. We promise to love him and take good care of him just as much as you did. I will send more pictures soon. Take care, and thank you again! :)"


 " He is having a great first night. Exploring the house and playing with me on the floor. He ate already, used the litter box, and met all 3 of my daughters. He is such a clown, climbs and falls everywhere. Thank you! "


"He's doing great, I weighed him last week he is at 14.5 pounds. He is very sweet. Great addition to our home. I've attached some picture so you can see how he is doing! We love him so much :)"


" Hi - I'm Jake's Mom and just wanted to let you know how much we already love love love your kitten - now known as "Max". He's already in tune with Jake's daily schedule and is happily sleeping in Jake's bed. Jake told me Max actually gets excited when it's time to go to bed. I spend time with him on my way home when Jake has a late day - so he's still fed his normal schedule. Jake has been spending his 2 days off each week with Max to help him get settled. He's such a sweet kitten. We took my Dad over to see him for the first time and  Max immediately jumped up on Dad's lap. We were really surprised. His issue with the air                                  freshener is over and thankfully, he's good as new. I know Jake has been                                    in touch but I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with this                                    kitten. I'm preparing to take my dog to a Pet Therapy evaluation and I told                                Jake that if she doesn't work out for some reason, Max would be perfect.                                 Thanks for breeding and raising such a wonderful kitten."


"He is everything we ever wanted and more. Our girls are somewhat gentle but get excited and pinch a little and grab his fur and he just looks at them. Let's them pick him up. He is perfect. Sleeps with the MRS. And me. He is the addition that makes our house a little livelier."

                                                                                                                                                - Danny

"She actually sleeps at the top of her kitty tree at night. One night she slept in bed with me. In the AM, she is sitting right beside the bed when it's time to wake up. I think she is already getting the schedule down. She's doing really well. She's very playful and has done well while I'm at work. She's a lot of fun and makes both of us laugh a ton. Very vocal and purrs like a motorboat."


"She's doing well. We absolutely love her!"  - Stormy

"She is spoiled rotten just like one of the kiddos...You all did a very good job raising her as a kitten...We couldn't have asked for better people to get her from."


"Just wanted to say we are loving Chloe and Ukiah!  Hope you guys are doing well! " -Todd


"Hi Mike, Alexander is now doing great.  I watch him eat and when he is full i put the remainder of his Raw meat in the fridge to keep it fresh, i do this 3 times a day , so not to waste his food , and he eats good , plus i give him a big bowl of dried food.  He always eats all his food , and i keep a dried food bowl with food in it all day long , and he is always eating. He is now king of the house.   Alexander now belongs to my wife, she has fallen in love with the cat, My wife watches Alexander like a Hawk ,to protect him. Alexander sleeps between me and my wife every night, She spoils him rotten !"


    Just thought I'd give you an update on Jake's kitten.  He's doing great and what a sweetheart.  He's so attached to Jake.  Jake just bought a new house and it's much larger than the townhouse he had before.  Max is in heaven - lots to explore. But, he knows just when it's time to sleep and curls up next to Jake. 

The funny things he does keep us wondering and laughing.  He takes items (his toys, or even placemats off the dining room table) and brings them under Jake's bed.  He's always dragging something into Jake's bedroom.  He has 3 cat beds but doesn't use any of them but he somehow worked (very hard) to stuff one of them inside the cat carrier.  Jake had just brought him home from his altering at the vet and I stopped to see Max and  I thought Jake put the bed in there.  We realized later, Max did it. 

Before he moved, I took my dog over Jake's house - Max wasn't afraid of her (she's a large 105 lb. Italian Mastiff) she was fine with him and as she was walking around with her lead trailing behind, he was running after the lead.  He's so funny.  Like most cats he loves to sit on the windowsills and watch the bugs outside. 

They are  such a good pair and I'm so happy Jake and Max have each other.
Keep up the good work breeding great cats.
-Doreen M

Courtney Amos

So pleased that we get to see our sweet Opie from a hundred miles away on the kitten cam!  Thanks Angelicbengals, can't wait to bring him home.

  I truly enjoyed meeting you and Mike.  I am so happy to finally have Sebastian, he's so sweet and loving.  I'll be sure to keep you updated with pics and keep you updated on his progress.


  This little guy has me grinning ear-to-ear and it's only day two.  I didn't expect my soulmate to meow lol.




I  Sophie did very well last night.  She has been exploring all over the house and is getting to know her new surroundings.  She is eating and using the litter box well.  She has been nothing but a joy so far.



  Hey there, sorry for such a late reply; the chaos of the first week of school (and soccer practice) is upon us, and we are just in a daze over how fast the summer went by. I'm not sure how Sebastian will like being in an empty house again.

Sebastian is doing great; he has brought a lot of joy to our home, especially to Emma. She never stops playing with him and he is quite patient with her. Everyone in the family loves him - my husband thinks he's a dog in a cat body, because he is so social and loves to be around people.  Also, tell all your other potential customers, that we have a daughter with asthma, and nephew and a neighbor with severe cat allergies, and they remain absolutely healthy in our house. Its amazing - we really never thought it possible. 

He eats like a dog - we have the dry food and water out all day, and are still feeding him 3 little cans of kitten food, but I'm seriously considering upgrading to the bigger cans. Also I love that worlds greatest litter you recommended - much better than the grocery store stuff.

Anywhoo, thats probably a whole lot more information than you were looking for...he is doing great and we will be scheduling him for his neutering soon. 

Hope all is well by you and you had a great summer


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